Station D is the first digital micro-nation to offer temporary citizenship leases. We assist you on every step of your lease and will help you find the optimal citizenship for your needs. We offer a large variety of nations, including our very own!

We offer affordable rates on a variety of citizenships. Our citizenships are sourced from a network of private dealers.The citizenships are rented as used and carry no warranty over damages resulting from, but not limited to war, pandemics, nuclear catastrophes, or political upheaval.

Our services will allow you to finally have the citizenship of your dreams hassle free while leasing your own, and if things don't go as planned, you can terminate the lease early! Our trade-in process is quick and simple, and we want to provide you with a positive and well serviced experience.

Connect the dots, live the life you deserve.

How it works

Fill in our Trade-In form
Tell us about your citizenship and all its perks, as well as how much you want for it. Remember, we work on demand.
Get your Citizenship Appraisal
Our sales representatives are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. Also you can visit our office for a personal consultation.
Lease from our deals
Have a look at our deals! we have a wide variety of options. If there is a negative equity on a citizenship or you would like to upgrade you can choose from paying out of pocket or with a roll over loan

We have a wide variety of citenzenships available from our privately source network

-What people have say about us-
"If you are unhappy with your home country or just feeling unfulfilled by the foil promises of a failed state – Let others deal with it! Citizenship Rental is an amazing business opportunity. You can earn money from home. Make valuable connections. Impress friends and loved ones. Make healthier life choices the easy way, the footle way. I mean, isn't it time we found a way to lease those citizenships away and free yourself from nationalist desires? All from the comfort of your phone and without the fear of finding yourself stateless! Citizenship Rental is a popular and lucrative business. Anyone who can't see the potential there clearly doesn't have enough sense of strategy."
The Digital Nomad
Find us at Station D
Courtesy rides depart daily from Cherry Street Pier

We are not liable for legal action taken against the lessor resulting from unforeseeable circumstances. A leasing agreement does not translate into a permanent legal status.
Disclaimer: Footle Island is a conceptual artwork by artist Ana Mosquera. This is not a real company and does not offer real services
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